Life Is Going On

Hope springs eternal.  There was a visitor during the week to discuss important elements of aide service at manageable cost for at least the moment.  This is far from sure. Some contact with the neighbors was involved and more is expected.  Friend came by extra on Saturday in case there was grocery need, and young friend came to help sort stuff for about an hour.  Inch by inch the pile is going down.  Lunch lady and food truck as usual came on Friday and as usual were very dependable. 

The coming days are uncertain.  The doctor’s office said that Wednesday is a likely day for a visit.  At this point neither the Avon delivery date nor a visit by young friend is certain and the latter is important for getting the rent money orders for May.  In addition, there’s stuff to do in regard to those two new agencies on the scene.  At least friend has helped to keep the place fundamentally clean even though he has trouble of his own in several respects none of it looking good. 

Recently, there seems to be a growing difficulty in standing, even while holding onto something.  There is a constant sense of extreme tiredness.  It might simply be too much adjustment needed in the last year or so (at least the last six months), but it might be something else as well.  Whatever it is, that includes not thinking too clearly at times.  (Too much change all together can cause confusion even among the young.)  This much is sure, a lot of plans are fallen by the wayside. 

The weather can be blamed for some things.Storm cloud     




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2 responses to “Life Is Going On

  1. Your trouble standing could of course be caused by something completely different, if only the effect of big changes; my deceased wife’s muscle weakness and muscle pain and muscle spasms were likely caused by the statin that the doctor prescribed for her cholesterol.
    When she was dizzy, it was nearly always from too much high blood pressure medicine.

  2. Thanks for the thought, Lowell. You are right it could be something different, and I didn’t even think of that. It wouldn’t be any medication, however, as the prescription stuff I have is inhaled or smeared on. The only thing I take internally is a couple of different vitamins. I hope things are getting better for you on the home front.

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