After Easter Week

It’s down to business now.  Yep.  Tuesday’s visitors included pest control poking around the place and maintenance checking the smoke alarms and changing the HVAC filters.  Pest Control was especially important because, evidently, some people kept too much stuff in their way.  The notice to enter listed some things to do.  And, what was listed wasn’t too clear.  Should it not be what was wanted meant another round of pest control visiting in two weeks.  Those happen in the morning. 

Now, of course, this is happening when other stuff is outside the established routine, like Friend showed up on Sundays and Wednesdays (and in emergencies) and watered the plants.  He’s been hauling out the trash recently and doing other things to help that take more time at a different time. Lunch lady came just fine and so did the Avon, but next time that won’t be at the regular time.  The rent did get paid.  There is a massive hunt going on for piece-meal replacing aide service. 

Young friend is expected to visit this week, and a second new agency has been contacted.  It is also the week for the truck with some food which is going to take some figuring.  There’s no one to go to the supermarket except Friend, and he has not been asked to get things apart from an emergency type item if he was going for some other reason.  An advertising flyer was found weeks ago left by someone doing errands (for a fee) but as of yet that hasn’t been explored.  It is in mind. 

Finding answers can be difficult.Alien       


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