Easter Monday It Is

Easter was a disaster this year, from the social hour during the three sacred hours of Good Friday to the notification of the apartment building management Easter day evening hung by the door.  The dinner and visitor from young friend’s people were good, and the way Easter should be.  Older friend had a concern with another of the people he stops to see.  As that involved being around extra, he stopped by extra times, some for extra reasons and some partly to cover aide services. 

Much is ahead this week.  A bug inspection is scheduled that will be different.  It is also an Avon week and at this time nothing is ready for that visit although there’s an order in the works.  Young friend may or may not be coming.  Friday’s the first of the month and the rents are due.  Personal care needed can be a real concern.  The special project’s clearly with a far back burner again as are a couple of other family based items started years ago.  (The latter may be dead.) 

The past week is somewhat of a blur.  Lunch lady brought six her kind of Easter eggs.  The food truck also came in timely fashion.  There’s food in the place.  Young friend could not come for a couple of reasons.  Several letters were composed for the new agency on the scene.  One currently in the works describes a complex matter.  While first being put together, and not saved any place, the computer partly crashed.  Hours were lost twice over in that.  This computer did survive.

Details can be vital.LightningCoffee cup   


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