New Directions

On Saturday, it really was a matter of waking up, then coming to a realization of being still alive.  Come Friday afternoon it became official that a new service was in the picture.  It won’t be clear how things stand for a time.  A representative was at the apartment taking notes.  The aide service as it be before is largely gone.  It’s not sure yet that what’s needed is all covered nor will it be for several days.  There’s some likelihood there is much confusion and upheaval ahead.  

Tomorrow the bug people will be around to look for trouble of different kinds, and maintenance will be around to do repairs in the bathroom.  Young friend will be coming some time later if he can make it.  The birthday doings, modest, as expected, were just about right.  Young friend made the day nice.  Food truck is expected this week; Avon on order was sold out.  The lunch lady came just fine.  Older friend came as expected and helped doing some of the work meant for aide service. 

There’s been no word from those who might get involved in the project.  Calling them seems to be the wrong thing to do.  It may, however, be needed.  Amid the problems there seems to be growing greater slowness in action/reaction for or to things, which makes anything over the telephone more difficult.  But, it seems to commonly be strange times. An announcement on the bulletin board of the building says an Easter dinner has been arranged for 1:30 p.m. on (unbelievably) Good Friday. 

Happy Easter to everyone!Bunny  



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