“Daylight” Time Begins….

As the business world starts it’s new time frame, the largest concern is keeping up with things, as it is for many.  That’s in spite of the fact that manual clocks were not changed when the time change went into effect in the autumn.  The thing in mind, however, is the birthday coming tomorrow.  Young friend said he would be by.  His group has not failed in the past to visit with gifts and such.  The usual big concern is the need for assorted services that aides should be carrying out. 

Friend came by Wednesday and Sunday and did some of the stuff an aide should be doing.  The neighbors provided mail service pick up.  The food truck brought food.  Money orders for rent were picked up by young friend.  Nearly disastrous is the way to describe the computer as the new (free) upgrade downloaded itself overnight Friday.  Things regularly used, notably like the program where these postings are created, weren’t showing anywhere.  The pictures are disarranged.  Links vanished. 

The things with some degree of certainty this week are (it is Avon week) the people who have been coming by all along.  The aide service, of course, didn’t show.  There is no word as of yet from the organization that might be project help.  It may take a lot more than expected there, but with the time change it’s probably a poor time to call them. The doctor is not due to be around until April.  There are papers here to see about some things with legal services, but there’s been no time. 

One curse of the elderly is being slow.Wilted rose 


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