March It Is

A few times in the very early hours yesterday there were bad moments, but surprisingly the morning went very well after a rather ordinary awakening.  It went so well it is worth note for the record, although it be normal after lunch.  Friend’s new routine was in play, and he also came on Wednesday.  The aide service, which now is again approaching no service, had new developments that needed attention.  It won’t be worth a thing well into the future, but defeat is not an option. 

It was Avon week.  That went well.  The lunch lady brought a special treat in the form of eggs from her backyard hens all boiled and ready to eat.  The electric company’s rescheduled shutting off power for the entire building for repairs for a pole to four hours Wednesday morning.  The long delay of the special interest is highly in mind; the meeting where it was said to be mentioned was scheduled for yesterday.  It is too bad there’s so much upheaval presently disturbing life. 

By accident it was learned there was a fourth death amid the people known.  A cousin died.  Some words are in The Diary’s Blog.  Cousins are the closest relatives left.  Food truck’s due this week come Friday.  Young friend’s scheduled to come tomorrow.  He was here this past week as well.  (Old) friend did some extra things this week including a scooter patching (basket was almost completely off).  The primary scooter may not last much longer; it’s needed to get in the bathroom. 

Beware the Ides of March? Fingers crossed    


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