Mid-February 2016 Is Here

One day (God willin’ and the crick don’t rise) there won’t be any more mention of aide service.  It is the new goal in life for now, at least with the current system.  It’s not the only goal, just one nagging one.  The building had a party or some such for Valentine’s day Saturday night.  It was skipped, the usual thing to do with events.  Another bad nightmare came in the afternoon Saturday.  It was food truck and lunch lady day on Friday (all is well there).  There’s food in the place. 

The new aide that came Wednesday (there was one, unexpectedly in a sense) is evidently brand new to the agency as well.  It be a guess she may last for three more weeks, hence that goal above.  Friend came Tuesday to bring the cash so young friend could get, on Wednesday, the money orders for the rent.  And, he also came Wednesday (he was here for someone else) plus on Friday as the front wheel of the scooter developed a problem, namely the nut holding it fell off, and yesterday as usual. 

Mid-February any year usually means a lot of disruption’s out of the way.  This year was particularly bad due to the deaths and illnesses of others.  Some letters were intended at least six weeks ago.  Recently even the neighbors had some concerns needing a little attention.  And, presently there is not even the microwave oven at hand, as friend could not take it apart nor get it to a repair shop.  He also has the Christmas plant brought during the holidays awaiting a re-potting service. 

Winter hampers life for many.Work     



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2 responses to “Mid-February 2016 Is Here

  1. Michael Bennett

    Hi Carolyn, I notice that you mention ‘rent money’ on occasions, can you not pay this online? It would seem a lot easier for you. Michael

    • Hi, Michael!

      The landlord most assuredly encourages online payment.

      And, I clearly understand the drift. A high rise can easily have a hundred apartments. Even at (cheap) $700 each that could be thousands of dollars in the office if people paid in person in cash and many would. It’s a good temptation for thieves. Landlords don’t want cash and they don’t really want personal checks (they bounce too often).

      I want evidence of payment. And, I don’t want it in email. Even in the best of situations there can be mistakes.

      Even in places that give paper rent receipts (some don’t even do that), the staff people often “slap it together” so badly they’re almost worthless. The money orders I get are like cashier’s checks — there’s an original, a carbon copy for the payer and a carbon copy in the bank’s records. It’s evidence of sorts.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂


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