Three Holidays?

As noted in The Diary’s Blog, this week has three moments for celebrations:  Chinese New Year (today), Carnival time (Mardi Gras, tomorrow) and Valentine’s Day (Sunday).  Next week will have a legal holiday, Presidents Day.  In the place underfoot there is still Christmas stuff needing attention.  Word today was that a new aide is coming Wednesday.  Friend who has been doing a lot extra to carry the old bird can be asked for less if she’s half-way competent, which would be surprising. 

In the past week there has been a bit of scooting around with intent to find someone for some of the aide service, which is now in need of re-assessment.  The floundering around is just horrendous, not only making important stuff forgotten but now nightmares and sharp headaches develop.  A resident was asked to at least brush the hair, which was an aide job, for twenty dollars a month.  With nothing from the social service office by Tuesday, there was a very nasty yelling visit there.   

What all actually happened in the past week isn’t recalled at all well.  Avon came, and the lunch lady came (with one lunch dead).  Friend took the microwave to see if it could be fixed somehow, if nothing else at a repair shop.  It’s not back yet and may not be for a while.  The young helper’s due to return on Wednesday this week for two hours.  If the aide service is established, he may be canceled by his organization as others have needs.  These days there is little chance for rest. 

Winter should not be difficult for the experienced.Wilted rose  




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