February’s Unbelievable Start

Stunned is the word.  That new aide came (early), listened to the procedural explanations with an amazed expression, and at the end of the “visit” evidently sent a complaint to her boss that canceled the service.  It is not “back to square one” as that’s lost in the mist.  It’s back to whatever was, which is not a certainty as to what that was.  Good thing friend, lady with lunches, food truck, etc., did come around.  The Avon is changed again.  Microwave’s broken (by aide?). 

So, as February begins, the rent is paid and there is food in the place.  Sooner or later the carpet will get swept and the trash will get carried out if there is enough asking.  Chance of getting aide service is based on luck.  Turmoil about this matter is getting so bad that things are forgotten to a point where everything has to be written down.  And, last evening a strange computer problem developed which took hours of trying different things.  At least it is working now. 

The young man who‘s been helping was scheduled for today, and he has been a help indeed.  Friend found a new person for his special activities right down the hall, a new resident in the place.  A promise was made to go see the lady (done).  Friday an inquiry was dropped off at the social services office that the building has (no answer yet).  Reportedly the woman there knows of other residents who (for a small fee) may do some of the stuff an aide would do at least for a while. 

Things can go in many unexpected ways.Storm cloud 



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