Troubles Continue, Of Course

The requested deliverance of last week didn’t arrive yet, but friend helped with a small concern Friday night.  That was an extra stop for him.  The doctor, the new aide, the young help and friend all came during the past week.  Lunch lady did not come on Friday as the service was cancelled.  Maintenance was needed for burned out bathroom light bulbs.  Two of them came when the young man’s help was in progress.  In the disturbing by them a little gizmo created by friend was wrecked. 

The new aide seems to be (shall we say) adequate.  It’ll take some time before that’s sorted out to be the way it should be (or should have been) set up as it isn’t.  Avon’s permanently rescheduled (the company changed things).  Adjusting is going to be difficult.  It’s starting this week.  The young man had to be scheduled for today. And, of course, the lunch delivery is completely off schedule.  The rent has to be paid as there might not be a chance on next Monday. 

There a still some important emails that need to be sent amid all the unsettled matters (the above isn’t all of it).  There is also an important medical concern creeping into view.  The past week also had a night when there was some chest pain for what seemed to be too long a time over too much area.  A call was made to the doctor’s office to put it in the record, even though by afternoon everything seemed to be all right.  There was serious thought to call the emergency squad. 

It can seem like things go wrong too often.Coffee cup       


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