Well, Into The New Year

May the power that be provide deliverance from another day as bad as the past Friday!  It be a food truck Friday, so that’s what was due, plus the lunch lady.  And, both of those turned out just fine.  There was the added matter of picking up mail at the post office, as that might be closed today.  Saturdays are poor days for bus service and there was a missing package there.  The monkey wrench in the day was the unexpected visit from pest control at 9:30 a.m. It upset stuff. 

Friend came as usual and was helpful as usual, taking care of things that should be covered by the aide service.  This even though he has some serious problems at his office.  The young helper also came by and did a few things, also neglected aide matters.  The Avon Lady was contacted last night only to find out that what was finally determined in the way of ordering a couple of things was completely off schedule.  It was checked and rechecked before emailing her. 

The doctor is due to come on Wednesday.  The “resolves,” like the five minutes outside, are drifting to the wayside, but it isn’t yet beyond hope they can be maintained.  There is a big load of unfinished email, including a follow up regarding the aide service to a state official.  It was grossly mis-handled even most recently, and a contact seems to have been properly established.  The mid-winter cold has arrived.  A new aide is due to come Wednesday.  The computer is jumpy. 

Routines can be hard to keep.Storm cloud     



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