January Is Established

January comes into full view as a January about a week after the first.  It’s cold enough outside to dampen the notion of sitting outside for at least five minutes every day for some air that’s “different,” but the idea has not yet been tossed out.  Friend was running around after dark yesterday, so the money for the rent for February is in hand for when (if) the young man with a hand in the place comes.  He can’t come any sooner than Wednesday.  Thus January is in play.     

The aide service is still in limbo; but, the doctor’s office found an agency that can do the same work, and a lady was at the apartment this past Wednesday for an assessment.  It’s a right hefty price attached, but the sign up is in place.  At present they aren’t scheduled to come until requested; it is just a matter of being signed up with them.  “Something” has been set into place, but carrying out the trash, etc., still runs hit and miss.  Friend came Wednesday, did it Friday.   

The Avon purchasing is in complete disarray.  It was thought reasonable to skip an order that (on schedule) would come on Christmas Eve, but it was not planned to skip one due on the past Thursday.  The stew about the aide service is what’s to blame.  Fortunately there was no doctor’s appointment in the works as well.  At least the latest Avon brochure’s here; it may be sorted out.  The food truck is what is due this week; the email notice of that is already here.  

Getting back to a routine can be complex.Wilted rose


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