End Of Old, Begin Of New Year

It’s been horrid.  Sometime after midnight New Year’s Eve two nightmares came along.  Somewhere thereabouts a light kept on burned out in the bedroom.  And, there was a case of bathroom sick later in the day.  This after seemingly respectable food about 9:00 p.m. and going to bed.  Wednesday a big cheese for the aide service agency showed up to make excuses about their lousy service based on inferences of lack of cooperation (she didn’t expect a witness, namely friend who came to help). 

There’s a food shortage as the food truck delivery date, that being Friday, New Year’s Day, wasn’t adjusted.  Friend did go get a few things yesterday, but friend has big concerns right now and couldn’t do much. A beautiful little poinsettia was a Christmas gift and was sent for repotting but was not brought back even yesterday.  Tuesday the new helper did come to help and he managed to sort through a big pile of old mail – about maybe a year’s stuff like alumni notices and odd things. 

The internet access is via a neighbor’s system (her offer) so it’s free, but she disconnected it for close to two days over New Year’s.  It’s back now, but there were those old trips to somewhere down the hall back on the agenda again, just to the lobby most of the time, over the holiday.  The air bed had to be replaced yesterday.  Luckily it collapsed around noon, and friend helped to set up a new one and haul the old out.  That wasn’t all to be unraveled.  Young friend’s expected back. 

Some things keep happening.Umbrella        


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