A New Year Ahead

Often (maybe not always) there is a stillness in the night on Christmas Eve.  This year it was so underfoot.  It’s probably limited to residential areas and only in certain areas of the world.  That’s a great feeling to have around.  The past week did have it’s “events.”  The new person came as expected.  He did a couple of things in mind.  Friend came, and more of the undone aide service was covered.  A few special greetings got distributed.  Others could have been given out but weren’t. 

A special holiday dinner arrived on Christmas along with gift of special effort.  There is a need to do some adjusting with this, but if it doesn’t work out, that will be okay, too.  At the moment the weather is warm enough to sit outside, and one idea in mind is to do so just to be out of the apartment.  It has twice now led to seeing new people and a passing event at least worth a raised eyebrow.  The rent is coming due.  There is new hope (but not sure) for work on the special project.

In keeping with the times:

 Dover Holiday 20 

May there be peace and prosperity ahead for all. 


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