Time To Say Merry Christmas

“Happy Christmas” would be a better wish for others if one is sending good wishes.  “Merry” can have an element of what can be called superficial.  Happiness is deeper, more enduring by comparison.  The word here for the week, at least the rest of it, is “Happy Christmas to you!”  As for the recent few days, things are now even more mixed up.  The “new person” that was anticipated did come and did a nice job, the rent’s here. The plan is a return this week.  The doctor came.  Friend came. 

The food truck came all right; but, due to New Year’s he will not come back in two weeks (a small item overlooked until the mention).  Covering the absence is a new concern for the week as next week has an off schedule delivery of lunches.  (Those came okay on Friday.)  Friend has family business upcoming so that’s not as usual.  There’s been no word about aide service except a passing note about a sub (during the holidays?), and surely that could do little good.  A neighbor may be a help. 

In the spirit of the season: 

 Dover Holiday 46a 

May you have much happiness in the days ahead.  


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