Christmas Nearer….

Most people probably won’t notice, but there’s been a serious change here.  The publishing time has been moved up two hours for the time being.  From midnight (a proper time) it went to 9:00 p.m. and now it is 7:00 p.m.  Perhaps because night is a bit earlier (instead of more physical deterioration) it’s not easy presently to click in publishing (it’s not automatic) at the later hour. The yen is for the bed. Different angles have been tried and haven’t worked well. 

There is still no progress on aide service nor any substitute for it, although there is still some looking.  The lunch lady was a little late as an accident held up traffic.  Friend has again been helping take up the aide slack.  He did come twice again, with plans to come Wednesday.  In a determined attempt to do something different, there was some sitting outside two days (about ten minutes).  It did not work quite as intended, but it may be tried some more.  The weather wasn’t bad. 

Christmas is nearer, but little has been done for the season, except one gift given.  A few cards should be sent, and there is one gift on order.  The doctor is due tomorrow.  The young man new on the scene is also still due tomorrow.  As is known the group expects to make such visits on a monthly basis.  An order for Avon was skipped on Thursday as the standard day of delivery would have been Christmas Eve, and there was no wish to try to work in another day no matter what’s on sale. 

Christmas is the bright spot of the year.Rainbow 



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