Christmas Drifts In….

Yesterday being December 6 and St. Nick’s day, Christmas-y is drifting in faster.  A couple of Christmas cards have arrived and a gift has been ordered.  This is not a place for posting links, but this is too grand a reference to the season to let it escape: and, enjoy it everyone.  It’s a cheery thing certainly needed hereabouts given the thoroughly upsetting situation of no return of aide services as expected.  At least the mail’s been picked up. 

A doctor’s appointment expected didn’t materialize.  Friend’s helpful visits were again off the expected times and days, as one visit was Thursday evening.  The food truck came okay and he even had a little gift in the form of a couple of bags for trash.  The lunches also came all right. The house plants are now completely off schedule (the schedule that was) as is the trash removal and sweeping.  The sweeping is difficult, so it has been left up to friend whenever it be possible for him. 

There is still a need to get the bathroom sink business taken care of by maintenance.  The big problem’s personal schedule, as now there’s not even minimal order in how a week goes.  An additional visit for something in what was some order now has to be worked into greater disorder.  it was not easy to get a good afternoon nap in before, while there is a clear need for additional rest if for no other reason than because there are only two physical positions doable, sitting and laying down. 

An open mind doesn’t always get new ideas.Wilted rose   


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