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Enter December

As of right now, aide service is to be started up again soon, but with less time devoted to it.  It would be just wonderful to get rid of it completely.  At least friend has been around to help.  The Thanksgiving dinner was delicious.  With it, as usual, there came a new little house plant to add to the ones already sitting on the table.  It was a good day, which was a valuable thing.  The delivered lunches were not unpacked when they came, and what was discovered was five identical meals. 

The rent be due tomorrow.  Paying it early is always personal debate.  A little computer re-arranging got done, a few items thrown out.  A contact is due by the new person on the scene, that’s a young man from a “good deeds” kind of group that can help in special circumstances.  The notion is, he may be able to actually finish off some of the things the aide service is not getting done.  The experience is new to the organization, so it is not even sure it will be a long-standing thing.   

The head is not working too clearly these days, and all sorts of little details of importance are forgotten, like switching the scooter battery, because something else needed takes over the immediate attention.  The changing around as well as some attempts at getting some additional rest may contribute to it to some extent.  Nonetheless, it’s a bit unsettling when even something like lunch is forgotten as one of the advised pills is taken at such times.  And, there’s more confusion ahead. 

Unraveling things can be near impossible.Wilted rose   


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