Thanksgiving Week, 2015

Things is different for both last week and the one that be a- comin’.  In the one a–comin’, there not only is no Avon order in anticipation, but no lunches delivery.  The place creating them sent two weeks’ worth on Friday.  There was enough space in the freezer, just barely.  Further, the lunch lady was off sick.  A nice, home cooked type Thanksgiving dinner is rather expected to be a-comin’ come Thursday, but no real word on it yet. (They have been very faithful about that in the past.) 

Notice came from the building management that the whole place was going to be inspected by pest control.  The notion was it was to be a look around for bed bugs.  In the midst of trying to get some calming rest mid-morning today at least four guys (two from maintenance) came tromping into the place and began doing different things some of which had nothing to do with a bed bug.  Two contraptions to put out fires were installed on the cabinets above the stove; a mouse trap is under the sink.

Friend couldn’t come Wednesday.  Plans for a neighbor to take out the trash and water the plants fell through.  It was very slow, somewhat messy doing, but they did both get done during much of Thursday, and friend swept out the place when he came on Sunday so those things were adequate.  There hasn’t been a great loss with no aide service, meanwhile a couple of things sitting for far too long got done.  There’s bad news of sorts in the gossip that smoking will be banned in apartments. 

Mere living is a mystery.Red rose 


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