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More Confusion

As we drift into the week before Thanksgiving, and last week having had a mid-week holiday observed by some but not every business or service, there are changes pending.  The biggest thing that came about was probably that Friend’s lady wasn’t feeling well rather seriously.  While that’s not a matter of direct effect, it can easily change the way things are being done.  There was no new Avon order turned in as the delivery day would have to be moved (from Thursday, Thanksgiving). 

The big accomplishment was the cash on hand got straightened out as much as it could be.  One envelope not counted up was from February, per the receipt date (when aide service was a total disarray).  Two throw pillow inserts were in the order from Avon that came Thursday.  The bed pillow’s standard; it didn’t have the desired height for uplifted breathing.  With the inserts, that’s better.  The lunches came okay on Friday like they normally do, but just a little late. 

Friend did come both Wednesday and Sunday, and the rents for December are now in hand.  With the absence of aide service, friend swept the rug and carried out the trash, but that was only for the moment.  However, with no big concern regarding preparing for and working with the aide for three hours, the week was much easier than usual.  Even setting up another of the air beds was managed without help, and it was a new kind not done before.  (Confusion, but a pretty good week.) 

Good weather is a blessing.Coffee cup 


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