Upheavals Galore!

The whole week was a state of upheaval.  Of course, switching the time to Standard Time probably made some difference.  The aide service is now cancelled for the rest of the month.  The business is being formulated into something that can be given over to the county for intervention.  It probably won’t help, but at least someone is told.  In the meantime, there need be some scrounging around to cover what little did get done.  It was friend who did some of it.  He can’t do all of it. 

A doctor appointment set for Tuesday turned into one that was in fact on Wednesday.  And, it was not the doctor but a nurse practitioner.  It isn’t as if such was completely unexpected, but it was poorly arranged.  The food truck sent email saying the time was changed, only it came at the usual time.  Charge for service had already been changed.  A new person may be on the scene.  A completely unexpected visitor turned up, and it seems he may be of some help maybe once a month or so. 

The lunches came all right except one was a substitution.  It is one of the offerings almost religious avoided.  It is Avon week and the new shoes on the last order did not get tried on yet.  Nor are they likely to get tried on this week (although that is not impossible) due to the stew with the aide service as well as ordinary “extra” things needing attention like the unfinished maintenance.  A trip to the office about finishing that did get squeezed in on Thursday.  There’s need for time.

A lot can change overnight.Coffee cup


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