Eastern Standard Time!

Well, we now have the little blessing of the time change.  It is a blessing not just because of the extra hour of sleep but because it’s a better alignment of the daylight. As a promise of an hour of additional aide service developed into the pits during the week, any “blessing” was badly needed.  Firstly it didn’t materialize.  The aide had a “prior commitment.”  Then word came the time frame needed to be changed.  To be mulling over this, the entire service was cancelled for this week. 

Friend came Friday as well as Sunday and Wednesday, as Friday was convenient.  He promised to help with a couple of matters that the aide would otherwise be doing.  As the food truck is instituting a new system and the lunch menu has been changed, both mean doing things differently will be a new order of the day from that day forward. At least the rent did get paid.  A new building manager has been hired.  Repairs left undone now need to be discussed at the office again, just in case. 

In addition, another complaint about the assigning agency has surfaced.  Instead of negotiating a new aide that could cover the normal hours, what came through was “instructions” on how the services should be handled. There wasn’t a thing wrong in the way things were handled.  It was Avon week.  New shoes to try are at hand, if time pops out of somewhere.  However, the aide business will take some time to figure out; there was no desire to deal with that agency woman even before the mess. 

Which way to go can be a serious question.Lightning   


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