Changes Cometh

As we all know, the year is ending with just two months and a few days left, the last six weeks of which may as well not be considered at all.  What’s due this week is the rent (Friday) as the first is Sunday.  Avon may bring some new shoes.  If a neighbor can get the mail regularly (it is being tried) there will be a whole new direction to some things.  Of course it’s been tried before, unsuccessfully.  Friend did not stop by on Sunday making things different and a tad more difficult. 

Another change is that another hour of aide time has been set up, not that much is expected there as not much was done with the three hours already assigned.  However, maybe there won’t be as much backsliding.  Costs are increasing.  The new lease adds a few dollars on the rent.  If the neighbor picks up the mail it’ll cost twenty or so dollars per month to pay for the transportation.  Lastly, at this point, the food truck charge for delivery has increased (unless more money is spent).

As has happened in the past, the past week is now blurred due to all the adjustments and needs that came along.  The agency assigning aide service had it’s visit. The lunch lady came as did the food truck.  The driver was kindly generous with some extra bags which are needed for bathroom trash (such will not be needed for about two months, so there won’t be need to ask friend to find some, which is important as it’s rare that one is found).  Local events may change the lunch service. 

Seasons can bring many changes in life.Work


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