Big Events Have Happened!

One big event that happened was that there was a “real” fire in the building, with smoke coming out the window, etc.  There was no material effect on the unit underfoot, it being eight floors down, but subsequent gossip claimed that a result will be a new requirement of renter’s insurance for residency.  There’s not a lot that’s of any value in the spot underfoot, so it isn’t that big a need otherwise.  This promises to be an additional outlay of money, just maybe not much, and more bother of course. 

A second big thing happening was the purchase of a “new” second scooter.  That thought has been around since the dawning of the “scooter era.”  The rental encouraged the idea, and the company was willing to sell it cheap.  There are now two scooters, both old, but both currently working.  If they both give out, name’s in the system as a customer, which can be important.  That deal also made it unnecessary for Friend to lug the rental back come Saturday.  (So, that was still a personal rest day.) 

The aide service was slower than usual.  She took two breaks in less than two hours.  The new effort to replace the service was started.  Nothing further can be done on it presently and maybe not next week, either, but there is another notion in mind that just might help.  Friend, the lunch lady, the Avon and the food truck do help with the survival.  There was computer adjustment again which may or may not be good.  There’s a reluctance about installing the free current upgrade. 

One can always hope for something better.Work


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