It Can Be Worse….

The aide essentially walked off the job this past week, after some nasty words about ordering her around.  Telling her what to do now is ordering her around.  Certainly no good can come of it.  Some words were exchanged with building management as well as there’s one there that’s not paying much attention to what is being said.  Apparently there has been sewage seeping in the place (not a lot) from another apartment.  Maintenance still hasn’t finished fixing things.

Friend did a lot of back up on Wednesday covering some of the aide’s work.  A little did get done in regard to the computer mess.  It’s assumed that if it is ever all arranged something will develop to upset the arrangement (that’s realistic).  At least there’s food in the place, a few clean clothes to wear, some cash in hand, a fairly good doctor and for free internet connection presently.  The lunches came just fine.  It’s been Avon week, and that was especially neat and quick. 

The dealing about maintenance, making up for the aide service that wasn’t done by friend and the normal stuff made the past week exhaustive.  The week ahead promises more of the same as maintenance doesn’t seem to be done and aide service is up in the air.  There might be other approaches to life, but a find has been just as elusive (if not more so).  The “bright side” is that some other people may have similar problems.  That is not a good thing, but not being alone is encouraging. 

Ancient Greeks taught that life isn’t static.Wilted rose 


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