It’s Nearly Autumn

A good “thinking” month dawns ahead.  Actually, August didn’t seem too bad, but there was, as usual, little movement out of the air conditioned apartment, so there was little experience with actual weather outside.  Septembers always seem a little short on time.  Lunches and the food truck came great on this past Friday, but friend had a sort of emergency Wednesday and didn’t stop.  The newest aide has now been by three times and has located the supermarket to use for those errands. 

The past week proved to be fairly uneventful, and some of the computer concerns were tackled.  As the browser in use seemed to just die away, another browser seemed like a good idea. An unusual problem of sorts rested in the fact that there are an estimated thousand bookmarks/favorites installed.  One try at transferring them had them thoroughly jumbled.  One by one it was something to clear out before trying again. The ones used every day are now arranged for easy daily use. 

The hunting continued for something other than the unreliable aide service.  It might take moving to another place.  In the meantime things like “The Project” have (sadly) fallen by the wayside.  There’s no doing anything until something changes a little for the better.  The first of the month being tomorrow the rents have been in mind. A little of the jumbled up money got sorted out.  It took an hour to figure out an envelope of notes with five dollars and twelve cents in it. 

Nightfall can promise peace.Money 


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