And, life Goes On….

So, it’s Monday and two weblog commentaries go public.  It is in spite of a computer that’s not working very well.  In fact it wasn’t working at all for about three hours except for the scans for problems like malware.  Computer access is means to what’s going on in the world, television being outdated means these days.  That on top of a bad weekend. Yesterday’s supper was eaten at about 8:00 a.m. today as an evening nap extended to about 3:30 a.m.  (But, that’s life these days.) 

Friend came during the week and yesterday.  Yesterday he came equipped with stuff for plants. Some of those may be dying it seems, as one did, a pretty little thing just starting out in life.  He also brought a contraption that will be a help with at least the laundry.  Avon came and left a shopping bag good for something as well as the order.  The aide didn’t get much done, but there’s no longer expectation of that service being of much value. At least the trash gets taken out. 

Not only is August a long month, but the calendar layout this year makes for an easier time with the necessities like going to the bank.  It’s not that way every month.  In addition the weather was rather nice recently, which is good since there’s been enough noise around (especially today with sidewalks dug up) that it would nearly drown out a low-flying jet.  There’s serious need for change in the housing situation, so a lot of time was used in things like online searches.

Autumn is a time for clear heads.Coffee cup 



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