Run. Run.

Disorganization of the first order goes like this:  moving to another spot on the map about 36 inches (or more) away from a current spot requires a mobility scooter or some such.  While there are purely mechanical contraptions, they’re hard to use and aren’t beyond a desperate situation.  The scooter runs on battery that has to be recharged.  Now that cannot be done in an orderly fashion like 9:00 p.m. Sunday as energy use varies depending on activity.  Battery changing interrupts things. 

Not only is it necessary to adjust things to accommodate that battery business but also that of the cell phone, the link to 911 emergency that can be taken to bed.  Cell phone is on the battery recharge list, too, but it’s different as there is no second battery to which it can be changed.  Now, that’s basic disorder of essentials, and more might be said of this rooted disorder business, but then there wouldn’t be space for a few words about the week’s happenings. 

This week it’s Avon coming and possibly a new aide.  As usual any more, a new aide showed up Wednesday with no advance word and couldn’t finish all that was lined up as she was new.  It was kind of her to work over-time (to be made up later).  The past days are somewhat a blur as the medical condition became much worse.  Friend came Sunday, but it’s not remembered what other day(s).  Some of the plants are very sick.  The money’s in disarray at the moment.  (And, that’s not all.) 

Sometimes there’s no chance to plan ahead.Clock


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