More August Things

It’s hot in the apartment, but given the pounding of an HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) unit that has a bad noise condition, it has to be tolerated to an extent.  It is not too easy to do that if one has difficulty with breathing under ordinary circumstances.  If one is to sit in the place and be able to think (not to mention much about sleeping) at times it has to be shut off.  At least it is not near so bad as the old apartment which got all late afternoon sun. 

It was Avon week, and that went well.  The lunch lady was on the job again on Friday. It was wonderful to have an idea of when those items might arrive.  She even brought some of her range free (home developed) chicken eggs.  As usual the aide service didn’t go particularly well.  It would not be so bad if the assigning agency hadn’t put a new employee on the job around February, which individual is dis-inclined to do much without considerable pushing and unnecessary delays. 

In view of the above, considerable time has been consumed in trying to run down alternative things.  That doesn’t leave a lot of time for the likes of once prescribed exercises, some extra rest, and other important things.  Friend has put in a little extra help again with small emergencies.  He is doing much more than he was originally asked to do.  The big thing of the week is this Thursday with the leasing business.  The food truck is due Friday.  Maybe all will go well. 

Sometimes it seems things don’t change.Coffee cup 


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