Now It’s August….

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were pretty bad, such that for Saturday earplugs were unearthed from the pile.   Among what things probably have an effect on life and times is the HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) unit.  It currently makes a lot of noise.  Maintenance has checked it more often than it should be checked and claimed it was a newer unit as compared with some in the building.  Apparently nothing will (can?) be done about it short of shutting it off. 

The food truck and the lunch stuff both came Friday okay.  A few things were missing from the truck order, but no problem is in that.  Friend came both Wednesday and yesterday and as usual was helpful.  The new aide was okay, but as usual that service is uncertain.  Attempts were made to find other help that merely led back to what’s already in play.  Avon may be back in the picture.  An order was called in just in time, a bad procedure as the back up still isn’t done. 

The doctor finally came on Wednesday (it’s been three months since he was around).  It appears the government question is now okay, but promptly Friday morning a notice came from the landlord that it was time to start lease renewal including a morning appointment near mid-month needing a change, so trip to the office is needed.  At least the rent is paid for this month.  The computer may have righted itself.  Life goes on, but this being gets more behind with things each day. 

The older one gets, the slower one gets.Snail 


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