Something New

A week ends and another begins.  Psychologists (and the like) have been known to preach to people that there’s a reason for someone to live when someone’s in some kind of negative frame of mind.  Well, there’s been plenty of “reason” for someone a shade less than 80 stuck on a mobility scooter in the special place underfoot to keep dragging through another day, but the past Thursday a new thought entered the picture.  Friend, who came then rather than Wednesday sparked the thought. 

Although twenty years younger, with kinfolk of the generation before, he said he was learning about things by helping.  The enlightening point was, the “learning” wasn’t so much for the kinfolk but for himself.  If one is nearly sixty, it does not hurt to think about such things, presumably, but it was a bit of a surprise.  The endlessly dis-arranged aide service, what can be done about it (incidentally, the same aide came, a new one is now due Wednesday), etc., has some value. 

As for the week, not much is new.  The food truck came as did the lunch service delivery.  The Avon stuff got mixed up some but some things did get done with social security.  They have questions, like with the post office box address.  New people understand simple stuff and busily talk generally about items like Medicare.  Well, it is important, but not in much use at the moment.  However, it might be needed tomorrow if there be a run to the hospital again, which is always possible. 

Looking ahead has some value.Money


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