Still Changing….

The week was so bad that good sense said to skip coffee.  Any stimulation in addition to the goings on seemed like it might lead to a stroke.  With the lunch lady off work for weeks and service likely to be hit and miss, the request for change was turned in two weeks ago.  The assigning agency halfwit didn’t do it then for some still unexplained reason, and during that visit scheduled for last Tuesday (including director of their department), a re-hash of negation.  Change set up Friday.  

The week included many ordinary little problems, like a light bulb hard to reach burning out and new air bed needed.  A lot of such things are not impossible to handle, they are complex as in:  changing the light bulb amid the plants is easy for a person standing up as one only need to reach over them, but a scooter position has several big plants in the way of a reach from any side.  They have to be moved out of the way and back to where they were.  Getting a new bulb isn’t easy, either. 

Friend came both days and got into a confused situation as he had expected to be working on the scooter batteries; the need immediately was to rearranging the freezer.  The aide was the one to be doing the freezer, but again aide service was amiss in spite of what was assumed to be clear directives.  He also had to set out some water as there was to be a water shut-off Friday morning for four hours (also aide chore).  Fortunately the battery situation can be handled Wednesday. 

Finishing things can take time.ClockCoffee cup 


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