A Few Changes In The Wind

The aide service may be momentarily established (it’s always been sort of momentary as it has seldom lasted three months) and adequate.  The assigning agency, however, has now gotten  into a stew over more than a telephone.  They will be coming to visit tomorrow.  There are ongoing attempts to change the way lunch arrives since the lunch lady will be off for weeks due to need for an operation.  When she is off the timing is rather hit and miss; it’s hard to be handy for the lunch. 

Something happened Saturday morning that may be medical, but it’s not clearly understood.  By yesterday things seemed all normal, but like the leg that doesn’t work, it may simply be that something is not being used.  The computer system seems to have problems especially with email.  Things aren’t going well when it comes to sending stuff.  And, a need now exists to put in new malware protection.  A free presumed permanent program expired.  How to take out the old is unknown. 

There may be a new “friend,” a young man to help work on the long delayed research project.  He replied to the last email sent.  This was after a confused introductory personal visit last Sunday.  Regular friend came by as usual and, as usual, helped with a serious mess.  There were special efforts that resulted in nice “sit” and “visit” sessions outside.  That’s been hard come by for a while.  It’s uplifting given that it is starting to get harder to see and more for some reason. 

Another day can be a surprise.Left hugRight hug 


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