Another Week Of Odd Events

The oddest event may have been on Thursday.  The weather has been sort of warmish in the afternoons.  It seemed proper to turn on the air conditioning.  After the two minute wait, in good faith, the cold was poked in and the thing went “Whack” several times.  It was shut off during which more “whacking” happened.  Maintenance eventually took it apart to find some parts of a dead mouse in the works.  The creature was surely in there for some time but it took a start up to hit it. 

Friday at a rather inopportune time there came a lady to the door looking for a neighbor lady.  Now, enough people in the past have looked for said neighbor that some time ago a sign was hung in the center view area of the door.  There’s a red ribbon behind it.  It has an arrow pointing down the hallway and a statement saying the neighbor lives there.  Undaunted, after the sign was indicated, the lady still asked if she in fact found the neighbor.  (It’s an old folks’ home.) 

And there was the woman who didn’t understand that having an internet access didn’t guarantee sound if her computer had a problem.  Aide service was okay for a change.  Friend showed up as expected.  It was forgotten that the office hours were changed and an early attempt to pay the rent failed, but the drug store sent a sizable order okay.  The Avon came and was not exactly what was expected.  What looked like a new style of flashlight is a lamp three times larger than expected. 

Some things don’t change muchLightning


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