Super Miserable Week

It was a good thing some truly nice things happened this past week as some truly miserable things also happened.  The worst was a new pain, possibly a pulled muscle.  It is very hard to stand up to begin with, but at least it hasn’t been with pain of unknown cause in the back.  The local history site message board closed down.  Chances of finding people for this or the other thing just dropped to zero as of Friday evening.  While talk of another message board was there, a reality wasn’t. 

The lunch lady came of course but the word from her doctor is not good.  She needs an operation.  She’ll be off work.  Subs aren’t prompt and the service may have to be cancelled.  That means substantial adjustment when the aide service also isn’t reliable which is most of the time lately.  The driver of the food truck kindly provided four extra delivery bags.  They’re big strong bags with handles ideal for the bathroom trash.  A pile of those once collected had dwindled to nothing. 

The laundry, which it was hoped could be put off, got done by a neighbor.  That’s aide chore, but not a new aide as it is a thing that needs some experience.  Friend came Sunday but not Wednesday. Maintenance came to check a problem even though it was not by a proper work order.  And, that was yesterday.  It was nice weather out and extra effort made it possible to sit out front amid other people – it’s rarely been done in recent times.   There, of course, was no real cemetery visit. 

It’s hoped all had a good Memorial Day.Sun



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