Mid-May Woes

It’s a pain when things don’t stabilize.  Here it is the late afternoon of Monday.  According to the current schedule (it’s hoped it can be maintained until it can be improved) comments for the week should be available for viewing in less than six hours, and the notes are just being started.  As example, the past Friday should have been a mostly “free” day to get a lot of stuff done.  Two people unexpectedly showed up.  It is not certain who one was any more, possibly potential help. 

The historic reference site is a bloomin’ mess.  One thing in that caused the waste of almost all of Saturday.  The endless problem of aide service has taken on new aspects.  It appears future dealings are going to be with intolerable office staff (estimation based on experience).  As usual, the lunch lady’s been reliable, but come Wednesday (aide day) she’ll be off to go to the doctor.  Lunch was cancelled for Wednesday; there’s supposed to be extra coming tomorrow to cover that. 

Friend has been extra helpful.  He came by on both usual days and ordered new batteries for the scooter as the older of the ones at hand seem to be almost gone.  It’s going to take some time when he brings them by.  He is putting in more time than he really has to offer.  The computer has sort of jammed up a couple of times and there’s a suspicion there may be problems arising.  And, medically things may be deteriorating.  That’s not certain, but the inhaler has been used more often. 

It seems some things can’t be sorted out.Storm cloud 


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