And, Life Goes On….

The past week’s aide service was more of a disaster than what it usually is.  The errands were set at very minor and a good half hour more than usual got spent on them, which amounts to not much got done in an hour and a half of the three hours of service.  There must be an overwhelming demand as shoddy work is so common and it isn’t that hard.  It is, after all, fifth in the number of companies that have been tried.  And, asking around doesn’t turn up anything either. 

It appears there’s a medication needed, not a pill but a sort of inhaler thing.  A cane is a mechanical aid.  Things like a cold medication are temporary things.  Although not used with much regularity, it seems (like a cane) the inhaler will be a thing to have around.  Attempts to ditch it (like cold stuff) have so far failed.  The thing is, one has to keep buying the stuff to put in it.  Presently,it doesn’t cost much or take a lot of time.  (Diagnosis is generalized.) 

Friend came early yesterday, it being Mothers’ Day and family doings being on his agenda.  He got a list of stuff to do.  A bright spot was on the scene Friday.  A package from the food truck fell open, and a call to the company brought the driver back with a replacement just a hour or so later.  It wasn’t a thing really expected.  It is the second “good service” thing that happened recently. An attempt to get something done with The Project fell flat.  The lunch lady came just fine. 

Pretty weather can be misleading.Coffee cup


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