All Upset

Tuesday began very badly with a behind sore in more ways than one, which was followed by a huge spider in the middle of the living room.  Help regarding spiders was sought, but none was given particularly quickly.  The aide came on Wednesday – she is pretty good – and what came back amid the goods of errands was an air pillow.  There was then some relief for the behind at least.  The new pillow makes for a somewhat wobbly sitting but with watchfulness there has not yet been a fall. 

As of Thursday evening another possible helpful friend may be on the scene.  If so, notes will have to be designated friend #1 and friend #2 or some such thing.  Presently, it is friend as before.  He came Wednesday in spite of inconvenience as it not only allowed for meeting “new friend” but also looking at possible spider entry sooner than expected.  Insecticide made sense, but the plan to bring it Friday was interrupted by the breakdown of his truck.  He sprayed Sunday.  

The lunch lady came just fine as did the Avon delivery.  That new friend has some business to attend to for two weeks or so and there won’t be any more about him for a while.  The shock that came through in the past week was that a game played for several years now was taken out of circulation.  It was never completed.  It was good for escapism when things got heavy or just boring.  There are other games.  It is not missed badly, but it is missed.  However, there’s more free time now. 

Changes come whether we want them or not.Coffee cup


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