Shifting Sands

Well, friend didn’t stop by yesterday (Sunday) and indeed did forget to mention he had a special event to attend until late Wednesday.  No substitute came, either, but given the message on Wednesday, a need for doing some unexpected things was not a suddenly overwhelming surprise.  The plants got watered.  A problem with the plants is that some are a shade difficult to reach and the only thing to use is the cap of the jar.  Water sloshes out of it easily and onto clothes, table, etc. 

There was an unexpected need for laundry due to previous days rather than the past week.  Two weeks ago the emergency stuff was used.  While a competent homemaker aide did come the past Wednesday, it’s best to not count on that at all.  Rescue was from the lady across the hall.  Attempts will have to be made with the aide, however, for things recently covered by friend as he will be occupied with a trip out of state soon.  At the moment there’s a piece of mail he would have handled to do. 

The doctor was scheduled for today.  He does not exactly come monthly any longer.  It is more like two months or so.  If it will ever go back to monthly is unknown.  At least someone is coming every so often.  The lunch lady came as expected.  The food truck, however, was short an item frequently used.  That is something that may have to be covered some other way.  The pizza parlor is not a preferred alternative these days as the usual one insisted on (but didn’t get) a phone number. 

Tomorrows are times for hope.Fingers crossed  



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2 responses to “Shifting Sands

  1. Jock

    Hello… Hadn’t posted on your site for quite awhile…I assume you post on DHBO. You had mentioned you would like to see a picture of my cat.. Is it possible to post a picture on your website? Have a nice day…….Jock.

    • Hi, Jock!

      Firstly, thanks for the visit!

      Frankly, at this point I’m not sure a picture of anything can be loaded into the comments section. As for the message section, the blog messages are composed in a program on my computer called Windows Live Writer from Microsoft rather than directly in the WordPress template (although they can be done that way), and they are just uploaded from my computer as a whole when complete. I didn’t even explore all of the workings of the template when I started the thing. The only thing I normally try to do in templates is very minor editing. Like other sites, WordPress keeps trying to improve things so they keep changing things every so often. It’s a lot of bother to try to keep up with all the ins and outs, so I don’t.

      I think the best thing for you to do is study facebook a little and load the picture there as you can do that directly from your computer to your page (and we can all look there if/when you expand on the story about finding the kitten at the gas station).


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