Another week hath passed and the moment is definitely a time of inactivity if nothing else, although there was a powerful storming in the past week.  It was, of course, as usual, the perpetual problem of aide service.  It was never too good to start with and adding six-seven years of mismanagement which has been carried on, the assigning agency is out of easy and quick ways to address the matter.  Well, there isn’t another way to go at present.  There’s a new aide due Wednesday. 

Friend came both Wednesday and yesterday.  He brought things of importance Wednesday, like the money orders for the rent, plus a few grocery essentials.  The Avon came Thursday.  The visit was more quick and efficient than usual, a great thing given the aide garbage.  The lunch lady came okay, in fact a little early which is also helpful.  A lot of time was spent in bed Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Sick is sick, but there are degrees of sick – posting is possible due to bed rest. 

Even with the best of plans, there can be problems. When the things are cut close, as they have to be when dealing with a person who is old and slower than the normal run of life, an excellent opportunity for even more problems exists, case in point:  while the lunch lady was early during the week, come today she was off and there was a substitute two hours later than expected.  That wiped out hope of several more hours of bed rest for today.  This is just scooting by. 

Professionalism seems to be a dying art.Plate


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