Yes, Sick Leave

Last Monday nearly the whole live long day there were serious thoughts to call 911 for the emergency squad.  It wasn’t done because the situation was like that last trip to the hospital wherein they said it was a pulled muscle (only the doctor did figure out later it may have been something else).  It took a number of hours, but eventually it did clear up as before.  A good bet is what it was.  That was not the only thing.  Along with it breathing has been especially difficult for days. 

It seems to have started getting harder to breathe Easter. in the afternoon.  Nearly all the little tricks have been used a lot in the past week.  And, it helped nothing to be embroiled in a to-do about the (currently non-existent) aide service to the tune of appealing to the county administration offices to do some meddling in the situation.  After dozens of emails to them it finally got to the point where the insistence about a telephone number to call waned. 

The lunch lady came reliably.  Friend came both days and with groceries on Wednesday.  He also hauled out the trash and did some carpet sweeping on Sunday.  The food truck came okay and had everything, but the Avon people didn’t drop off their new brochure as expected.  What the situation is there is unknown at present.  At least the rent got paid all right week before last, but the mail didn’t get picked up last week.  There was good news amid it all in regard to the long waiting project.

Sometimes a little message is a treasure.Wilted rose 



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