An Eventful Week

A passing intent for Tuesday was to order stuff from the drug store.  Then came the notice about a “meet and greet” the new apartment building manager.  Until that point there was not a thought that the old one was gone (reportedly fired).  And so much for the drug store order.  It was put in and received on Thursday.  Rest seemed reasonable after the meeting.  The air bed collapsed.  It is kind of difficult to put one up sitting on the scooter, but it got done. 

That much change of plans, of course, was not enough for this special Tuesday.  A trip to the bathroom was interrupted by a centipede crawling by come evening to be killed.  This on top of the mouse that ran by also in the bathroom on Monday; that had already been reported to the office before they opened on Tuesday.  After the centipede, which was late, a drift to the computer seemed reasonable.  The heating and air conditioning unit started a loud clunking and set off the smoke alarm. 

In the night the oven was used for some heat and another note went on the office door.  Maintenance came Wednesday.  Second mouse/bug hole is patched.  Aide services being cancelled was thus a good thing.  Friend came Wednesday with some groceries and a replacement air bed.  He also came Sunday and offered a late birthday present.  Lunch lady came okay.  The food truck was short an item, but there’s food.  The aide services still have not been resolved and may not be for some time. 

Old people don’t need additional troubles.Lightning




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2 responses to “An Eventful Week

  1. Michael Bennett

    You sure do have some problems Carolyn. Hope they all get sorted.

  2. A bit belated with the thanks for the good wishes, Michael, but here given anyway. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could walk around normally. The apartment building is actually fairly decent.

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