Small Change

This type face is called “Lucida Console.”  There isn’t a lot known about it at this desk, but (reportedly) it’s rather new and the default in some computer places.  It’s being used for an important reason.  Perfectionist here doesn’t like a ratty right edge.  The reason many fonts create ratty edges is that the width of the alphabet letters vary (as in “f” compared to an “m” or “w” for example).  With something like this, all of the alphabet is made the same width (like on a typewriter).  

Justification lines up the edges by spreading out the writing to fill up the line.  This kind of a type face and words that fit into the line is a little more complex (and not as pretty or maybe impressive), but it doesn’t look as frothy.  Some of the complicated wording used here in the past was for no good reason other than to present a neater view. And, it had to be done twice, once for the draft then when pre-published.  That adjusting literally took hours.   It’s time to try other. 

As for the past week, well, there was no aide service.  There is nothing but trouble ahead there, and the situation already got to high level complaining.  Friend was extra-helpful, but he can only do so much.  The lunch lady is still coming, plus Avon delivery went okay.  There is a new property manager for the place to be introduced tomorrow.  A special thing came to be almost like a miracle.  There may be a discussion of it at another time or in The Diary’s Blog. 

Sometimes it’s good to be different.Computer


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