A Year Older

Each day (so help me) another idiocy surfaces.  Professionalism (as others have said) doesn’t exist.  The latest seems to be that there will be no lunch lady or the aide service if the idiot assigning agency doesn’t have a telephone number.  This is new and unnecessary as email has been used with them for years.   With such there are many positive aspects, such as it being written down.  Evidently, there have been changes in supervisory staff to someone who does not know much.  It might not be the entire place just the one area used.  There may be investigating of the matter by a government source, but hopes are dim.

As for the week….  Tuesday was a day of peace and Thursday was used for some recovery.  Wednesday there was massive turmoil — the aide that came the week before and said she was permanent until May didn’t show.  A sub was sent.  The poor woman had little idea of what she was supposed to be doing.  Time wasn’t used well.  In addition, friend had too much to do at the office and did not plan to stop by in the evening.  He did stop yesterday and took the stuff to get rental money orders and also brought back some cash.  The food truck came, so there now is food in the place.   A mouse has been running up and down the hall.

A neighbor was given the key to the post office box yesterday evening as she’s  a possible way to be getting the mail without the aide services.  How  that went is not known at this point as she has yet to come back with mail or word on it.  All  that needs to be done is to run in to the post office and get it, but it does need a person able to go regularly about once a week.  The birthday, yesterday, turned out well.  It’s a good thing it was minimal given what was encountered today as above in regard to the services assigning agency.  There is also a chance there’s big stuff in the wind in regard to the apartment building. 

Old people should not be disturbed much.  Fingers crossed


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