New Directions

Another week has passed with things getting worse.  There were several radical changes to life in the last few days.  Quite unceremoniously last Wednesday (no notifications of any sort) a new homemaker aide arrived.  There was, of course, no preparation for any services.  However, since she did arrive, a “throw things together” session took place.   According to what she said, she may be around a few more times but is scheduled for an operation and, therefore, is not going to be permanent.  That’s a “downer” to begin with as she is good.  As there wasn’t an expectation of any service, things were rather set to go in different ways.

In addition to suddenly having to re-arrange what might be done by whom, two other things crept into life.  A difficulty in the bathroom reached the state of an impossibility by Sunday morning.  Fortunately friend came by as usual and had the time to go buy and install a new fixture that may help some, but the use of it is anything but efficiently streamlined.  The medical whatever it is that is riding the scene (not determined, but possibly the cold getting worse), has gotten very bad, to the point where thinking was difficult.  (For a time it seemed it would be impossible to put together any kind of posting.)

So for the moment there is finally a good aide to send on errands and no money in order at hand to send with her to get things – friend had to pay for the fixture he got and getting extra money for it completely escaped thought.  Additionally, the worker from the assigning agency quit at the end of February.  There’s been no replacement assigned, so there’s no way to check on the aide situation.  New problems with the hospital bills surfaced.  There are five, the biggest concern is the huge hospital bill itself which got mixed up.  On the petty side, in computer, the bookmarks got moved.  At least the March rent got paid.

Old people don’t need problems.  Wilted rose


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