Back, Maybe….

Local winter temperatures can go down to a few degrees below zero Fahrenheit, but only every once in a while will it go below ten below zero in these parts.  It’s not unheard of, it’s just uncommon.  This is beyond “wind chill” and was such a happening recently.  Some folks weren’t ready for even the zero weather.  Now, it’s to be expected that some folks are disorganized, but when that disorganized affects those that are not so well set, it’s not good.  The food truck did not show last week and the lunch lady was closed out for four days when it was not at the coldest.  This while some mysterious symptoms and odd events came to be.

The symptoms are ill-defined although the doctor came a week ago.  Amid that there seems to be a cold.  As for the dozen or so meals that never arrived, there just happened to be enough (unplanned) foody stuffs around to get by.  Peanut butter plus cheese supplies were seriously depleted.  Amid that, more ordinary annoyances happened, like a new airbed was needed in the middle of the night and inaccessible light bulbs burned out, plus extra-ordinary annoyances came into being, like the pocket flashlight needed new batteries, needed as bedroom lighting is hard to reach, and the pen in use ran out of ink.

To an extent that’s all minor stuff.  Aide service was unceremoniously stopped until further notice.  The complaining was legitimate.  They may come up with another aide, but the staff person from the assigning agency has quit.  Perhaps (to make life interesting) there is an entirely new development at hand.  A lady next door is a helpful soul as well as the president of the resident’s association, newly elected.  Some folks looking for her don’t bother to be sure of just which apartment is hers, and they come knocking at the door.  One woman has done that three times already and a sign on the door has proven to be useless.

Unknowns can complicate life. Fingers crossed


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