Still Slipping

Well, good people looking in, it’s been another week of slipping survival here on the placid banks of the Ohio.  …Just like it has been for the last six months.  That two month or so session with the bugs and mouse/rat which frantic concern had to have contributed to the need for hospitalization is not really finished, it’s just at a very low level – killed a spider, neighbor had a mouse, few hints of bed bugs somewhere close.  While the hospital stay itself wasn’t bad, the assorted therapy businesses afterwards were just as exhausting.  Although that’s over with, it had it’s toll.  It was Avon week and an order wasn’t ready for the regular visit. 

The wads of paper continued to be stuffed up the nose.  There was another need to go to the office over leasing papers.  The office wants things like name of next of kin (it’s an old folks’ home amid which kind of people accidents happen easily and there isn’t any next of kin worth the mention) and telephone numbers.   The telephone numbers mostly make their job easier as then there’s often no need to to take the time needed to go trekking a half of a block down the hall with paper notices saying something like, “Please come to the office for….”  Although that’s well understood, they never get what they want so it happens often.

Friend will be away all next week on business.  Given the regular uncertainty on the aide service, this is not a happy thought for either now or then.  There was a happy thought this week.  While messing around trying to concoct an image for The Diary’s Blog some of the working of the computer paint program unfolded, which should make it easier to incorporate some images in these postings.  That has been a long time wish.  There’s nothing wrong with text, but pictures always add something to most such efforts.  That (something to play with) is, however, the only happy thing in sight. 

As they say, “Hope springs eternal.” Smile


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