A Bad Week

The past week was enough to re-institute the activity associated with cigarettes, which was discontinued in late October as a result of the first trip to the hospital last autumn.  Over most of it, well, it’s not certain whether it is a sinus infection, an ordinary cold or something else.  It is one of those “drippy” situations where there is nasal drainage that doesn’t stop short of stuffing wads of facial tissue up each nostril.  It looks weird and it’s even more difficult to function with most of the air through the nasal passages cut off.  Furthermore the wads fall out at bad times.  Just stopping whatever to take care of it is horribly time consuming.

A bloomin’  crisis arose with the scooter.  There’s a gauge that shows how much energy is left in the battery.  It is not often but for a long time now unexpectedly it has gone dead for maybe a minute.  This time when it happened it didn’t start up again.  There’s no way of knowing for sure how much energy’s in the battery after the scooter has been used for a while.  And, if the energy runs out at some distance from the re-charged one, there will be a devil of a time getting mobile again given the complete inability to walk.  The on/off switch did work; it’s just the gauge that didn’t work.  (The scooter can be “walked” if unlocked.)

Those two big things were not all the negative things that happened.  Example: it’s getting more certain that recently there were bed bugs in the building; that means they aren’t far away.  However, there were positive things.  Best of that might be that the medical bills received recently, according to the telephoning done this week, will be adjusted.  It is not clear yet.  Also, the current driver of the food truck might lead to someone to help with “The Project” that has now been on the back burner for so long that it may have to be re-vamped.  That’s become something hanging by a thread.

One should be especially positive in January.Fingers crossed


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