New Normals

The big event of the week is debatable.  One can view things materially speaking or otherwise.  Materially speaking, the big event of the week was internet access in the apartment.  How long that will be is unknown.  It came about because one neighbor wanted it for herself and saw no reason to not share it with others.  All one needs is the access code.  Going to the lobby for free wireless was not much bother.  It did not always work out exactly “good” and the battery was getting to be “worn out.”  However that was beside the point, the neighbor simply had the idea in mind to share.  She had tried it some time before and it didn’t work out.

In addition to the above convenience, early in the week surprisingly word came that an avowed online enemy (of several people) had unexpectedly died.  There really was no expectation of this, and just as in “real” life sensible people will go out of their way to avoid those who glaringly don’t like them, a lot of action was done because of the woman.  That is a kind of event that throws one off balance until one figures out the new lay of the land.  News on the international scene is probably going to cause changes in everyday living for everyone, and that’s the kind of thing that’s being watched.  Covington has a changing scene in play.

Comparative little things can be events, too.  The scooter was near disaster in a respect.  The little basket for carrying things was an ungodly mess, not cleaned out for well over a year.  It took over an hour to get the stuff out of it.  The new orderliness is comfortable.  Friend not only didn’t come by Sunday, he also did not come by on Wednesday.  The lunch lady was on vacation for two days, and the substitutes are never as dependable.  The aide is still the girl (she does try), and things are only adequate in regard to errands.   A doctor’s visit is due.  The January deep freeze has happened.  A note was posted to the local newspaper.

New world orders do happen, sometimes nicely.  Computer


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