Solstice Time

As of recently the darkening days (dark days) have ended.  The night is always full of mystery.  There is often a softness about it as well making it a good time for enchantment.  (That’s the positive aspect for liking the dark days, there  is more to things than that, however.)  Between the hospital visits (two), coming holidays, disruption of service and the additional medical activities almost all dark days’ experiences were missed.  As they won’t be around again until next year, it’s a discouraging day, regardless of how enlivening otherwise.  The last week was somewhat confused.

The lunch lady and friend have been most reliable even if a bit late.  The aide service was cancelled abruptly and this week a substitute is expected.  There seems to be no hope of getting anything worthwhile out of the aide service, a thing others also seem to find difficult to manage as well.  As expected nurse, therapists came, the therapists two days.  That all will soon end.  All they can really do is observe the ability to do their exercises.  A big concern at present:  the hospital bill, which is considerable.  That will take some paper work that hasn’t yet been figured out.

Thought for the week:

Dover Holiday 15 Copy

May you have a very happy Christmas.  Note



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2 responses to “Solstice Time

  1. Michael Bennett

    The thought of paying for a hospital is completely alien to me Carolyn! I hope it isn’t too much. Anyway, I wish you a happy , uncomplicated festive season.

  2. If hospital bills are an alien thing in New Zealand, Michael, that would be a wonderful reason to live there. They cause a lot of people problems. And, may your festive season (great way to put it) also be happy and uncomplicated.

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